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Welcome to TheBusinessEditors, a collective blog from 20 of the most talented, high-connection business journalists and editors in Britain. TheBusinessEditors is born out of Caspian, a London-based B2B publishing house and event organiser. Nine years ago, we were a tiny start-up with big plans; today we're a £10m-turnover, venture-backed, fast-growing business. TheBusinessEditors gives you access to the outtakes and insights of our large group of talented journalists who spend dozens of hours each month with the biggest names in UK and European business. And, we hope, it may just give you a flavour of life in a real, entrepreneurial business.

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Adam Leyland is the editor of Real Business, the award-winning magazine for entrepreneurs. A specialist in media, marketing and retail, he’s the former editor of the journalist rag, Press Gazette. He’s also written extensively about business and politics in the US, where he was launch editor and editor-in-chief of PRWeek/US. His pet hates are jargon and technology journalists. View all posts by Adam Leyland

Al Tepper joined Caspian back in the heady days of 99 as a marketing executive and has now reached the nose-bleed height of Head of Online Development. He is not a journalist or an editor. He is opinionated and his favourite word is 'fallacious'. View all posts by Al Tepper

Amy Carroll is news editor of Real Deals. She was previously editor of online private equity news and research service AltAssets. She began her career in journalism as a reporter on Lafferty Group publication, Private Banker International. View all posts by Amy Carroll

Camilla Berens has been the news editor of Financial Management magazine for two years. Prior to joining the FM team she was a freelance specialising in youth culture and environmental issues. (It's a long story....). View all posts by Camilla Berens

Charles Orton-Jones is deputy editor of Real Business. A former editor of the Bernie Ecclestone-backed EuroBusiness magazine, he specialises in asking entrepreneurs how they got so rich, so fast. Likes: naive hopefuls who've got the guts to start a business; Hates: the DTI, managementese, business academics. View all posts by Charles Orton-Jones

Christian Doherty is deputy editor of Real Finance and has written about finance directors as well as on business issues in television and football. He has been a journalist for five years. View all posts by Christian Doherty

Clare Nuttall is a reporter on Real Deals. Before joining Caspian in 2006, she wrote for Business Europe and several other business and technology publications. She has been a journalist for five years. View all posts by Clare Nuttall

Dawn Cowie has been deputy editor of Real IR since its launch in March 2004. In that time, she's learned more about the lives of European IR professionals and financial markets regulation than she'd care to admit. Before that, Dawn wrote for Business Voice, the CBI's magazine, for three years. View all posts by Dawn Cowie

Eila Rana edits Business Voice, the CBI's magazine, spending her time pleading with leading CEOs to share the secrets of their success. Hers has been a long trek, starting with the Grimsby Evening Telegraph (a great news patch, before you scoff!) and writing for HR directors and editing a magazine for bankers along the way. Loves: CEOs who say: "Yes, I'd love to be your cover story". View all posts by Eila Rana

Jonty Summers is the publishing director of Caspian's customer publishing division. His journalistic career has moved through various industry sectors, including financial services, IT, FMCG and luxury goods. Future trend pick: an influx of beautifully crafted one-speed bicycles on London's streets as the congestion charge spreads down the M4 corridor over the next decade. View all posts by Jonty Summers

Kate Pritchard is the managing editor of European Business Forum (EBF), a quarterly magazine read by more than 45,000 CEOs, leading policy-makers and academics, principally across Europe (http://www.ebfonline.com). Kate's articles have also appeared in The Financial Times and The Independent. View all posts by Kate Pritchard

Keith Ryan joined Caspian in August 2004 and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the editorial team at the company's contract publishing division, working with diverse clients including Thales, IBM, BSI, CSC and the Association of MBAs. Prior to Caspian, he was senior editor at Citroen Wolf Communications, a contract magazine publisher producing a range of business, consumer and event titles. View all posts by Keith Ryan

Matthew Rock is group editor, comms director and co-founder of Caspian Publishing. For seven years, he edited Real Business and claims to have met, interviewed and drunk with most of the big-name entrepreneurs in Britain and the world. Current big interest: UK/China stories. View all posts by Matthew Rock

Melody Bartlett former deputy editor, Business Voice. Melody has moved on and is no longer blogging for Caspian. View all posts by Melody Bartlett

Peter Curtis is deputy editor, contract publishing and works on publications for clients including Livingstone Guarantee, IBM and asb law. He has five years' experience in business-to-business publishing and has previously worked on print and online projects for the Department of Trade and Industry, Volkswagen and HSBC. View all posts by Peter Curtis

Richard Young has been a business journalist for ten years. He's been editor of the UK's top magazine for FDs – Real Finance – for five years. For two-and-a-half years, he's also been blogging at www.realfinance.net. And for the past 18 months, he's also been publishing director of the magazine – which means he now has to do business, as well as write about it. View all posts by Richard Young

Ross Butler is editor of Real Deals, Europe's private equity and venture capital magazine. He has written extensively on large and mid-market buy-outs, corporate finance, early-stage and equity gap funding, and technology. He previously wrote about financial derivatives and structured products. He is fluent in English. View all posts by Ross Butler

Ruth Prickett is editor of Financial Management, which covers everything that affects the way businesses run their finances – from Swindon SMEs to multinational conglomerates. She's once been quoted in Private Eye's "Pseud's Corner", but hasn't yet worked for a magazine featured on Have I Got News For You (despite her stint on Accounting Technician). She edits Illustration magazine in her spare time. View all posts by Ruth Prickett

Scott Payton is editor of Real IR, a pan-European magazine about investor relations. Before joining Caspian to launch Real IR in October 2003, Scott edited e-business magazine Net Profit, freelanced for business newspapers and magazines, and took nine months out of journalism to wander round the world. View all posts by Scott Payton

Stuart Rock is editorial director at Caspian and a seasoned (hmmm) business journalist. He won Britain's biggest editor's gong in 1998 for the launch of Real Business. And, as a founding director of Caspian Publishing, he's got the ultimate credentials for writing about business: he's founded and runs one. View all posts by Stuart Rock

Tamar Wilner works across Real Business and Real Finance. Her interests include: start-ups offering a clever new product or service; entrepreneurs with wacky possessions; hot tips for finance directors; and, as a real sub, appropriately placed commas. View all posts by Tamar Wilner


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